Garagiste Wine Tours

Garagiste Small Wine PressThe Garagiste, a full-fledged movement responsible for making

some of the best wines on the Central Coast.

Originally a French term used to jab at renegade small-lot wine makers sometimes working in their garage, who refused to follow the rules.

Breakaway Tours has the connections and know-how to get you in the door of these wineries, Hand crafted wines await you along with top notch hospitality. Most of these wineries are by appointment only and not necessarily in a standard tasting room. Venture into their underground world with us on a private Garagiste Wine Tour.

Garagiste Winery

  • Paso Robles 

  • San Luis Obispo

  • Santa Ynez 

  • 2-12 guests 

  • Lunch is always a good idea

  • So many options... let's talk or

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These wine makers take their valuable time to meet with you personally.

Expectations for purchasing are high. This tour should be considered only by the serious seeker of small production, hard to find, higher end wines.


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(gar-ah-jeest) noun, Syn: Rule-breakers, pioneers, mavericks, driven by passion.

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