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 Beyond Wine 101

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Elegant Seated Wine VIP Wine Tasting with Food Pairing, Adelaida Vineyards, Paso Robles

Vip Wine Tasting

Indoor Elegance or Rustic Hilltop

Engage in in-depth discussions as you explore the nuances of each wine, from its origins and terroir to its winemaking techniques and aging process. Whether you prefer a tranquil vineyard setting, elegant indoor space or wine cave, we will create a personalized VIP experience tailored to your preferences. Don't delay, request today.

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Vineyard Walk and Talk with owner, winemaker or wine educator.

Vineyard Tours

On Foot, Gator or Jeep

Ever wondered about vineyards, this thing called terroir, or what makes a wine truly exceptional? Dive into the world of wine with us! Learn about soils, climate, clones, sustainable farming, and more. Delve into the challenging, life of wine-making and gain a newfound appreciation for the artistry and dedication behind every bottle. Join us in the vineyard, where it all begins!

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Saxum Wine Caves are not open to the public but are one of many wine caves in paso robles

Wine Caves

Tour and/or Tasting

Wine caves, once practical, now utterly captivating and downright sexy. Request a wine cave tour or take it up a notch and indulge in a captivating wine tasting experience within the cave. Get ready to descend into a world of sensory delight. Going down?

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barrel tasing in the wine cellar with winemaker holding glass of red wine

Barrel Tasting

Meet the Wine before its Time

Unveiling the Essence of Wine in the Making. Wine tasting straight from the barrel is like a sneak peek into its future glory. Just like homemade sauce, the flavors are raw, promising, and waiting to evolve. Embrace your curiosity, awaken your palate, and embark on a unique wine experience. Savor the anticipation and discover the magic of barrel tasting. Your barrel is calling!

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group of people walking through the production area of a winery in paso robles

Winery Production Tour

Behind the Scenes Magic

From crush pads to barrel rooms, fermentation bays to bottling lines, step behind the curtain and explore the fascinating process that brings award-winning wines to life. Get ready to be captivated by the craftsmanship behind every bottle. Join us on a journey through the heart of winemaking! Time is pressing...

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up close shot of woman wearing sunglass, smelling pinot noir in an outdoor setting

Blind Tasting

Don't be Fooled by Price or Pretty Label again

Unlock the Secrets of Wine: Discover the true essence of wine through blind tastings. Without biases, brands, or price tags, explore the colors, aromas, and flavors. Experience the evolution in the glass and let your palate be the judge. Prepare for a delightful surprise that will forever change the way you appreciate wine. Begin your journey into the unknown with blind tastings.

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Multiple tables set in industrial wine barrel room for Team Building Wine Blending Trail for 100 guests

Wine Blending Trial

Deliciously Fun Team Building

A fun-filled team building exercise that combines creativity, collaboration, and education where teams will craft their own unique wine blends. Judging is optional and always light hearted. Prizes can be awarded. Unleash your team's potential and create lasting memories together. We'd love to tell you more.

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