Central Coast Wine Regions

Central Coast Wine Region Map, including Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo & Santa Barbara CountyWith close to 400 wineries...

to choose from, your choices can be overwhelming. If you're not sure of the best wine region for you, refer to the tabs on the right to learn more. Feel free to pick up the phone and have an old fashioned conversation with a living, breathing, knowledgeable team member.

Keep in mind even if you made it to all of them in one year, you'd have a whole new vintage to explore the following year. It's a thankless, never ending job, which were happy to do, much like window washing, which we would not be so happy to do...!

Helpful Notes:

Updates to map

  • San Luis Obispo Wine Region is referred to as Edna Valley Wine Country on this map.
  • Foxen Canyon Wine Trail runs parallel to Hwy 101 on the east side from Santa Maria to Santa Ynez
  • Sta. Rita Hills lies right where the name Solvang is and runs east to west just like the text.
  • Lompoc Wine Ghetto is right where the "S" in Solvang sits.
  • Santa Barbara Urban is just like it sounds, wineries that reside in Santa Barbara proper.


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