Just the FAQ's

directinal winery signWith so many choices and directions to go... perhaps this will help...

1. Why choose Breakaway Tours & Event Planning?
Reputation speaks louder than words and ours is unsurpassed; with the wineries, with the sales management of the properties we serve and most importantly with our clients. With dedication to perfection and personal service we have provided many corporations, associations, businesses and individual groups with an increased awareness and appreciation of our local wine regions and community. Check out some of the top Corporations we have served, visit our Testimonials page or check out TripAdvisor or Yelp locaated at the bottom of every page. "Local Expertise blended perfectly with Unparalleled Professionalism"!

2. Which wine regions do you serve?
San Luis Obispo County: Paso Robles, Templeton, Edna Valley & Arroyo Grande Valley, Santa Barbara County: Santa Ynez Valley, Sta. Rita Hills, Santa Maria Valley boasting the Foxen Canyon Wine Trail.

3. What is the typical Wine Tasting Tour like?
Well to begin with, nothing is typical about our tours, we are passionate about wine and it shows; most importantly to our clients. Breakaway Tours & Event Planning specializes in Educational, yet Seriously Fun, Wine Tasting Tours. We recommend tasting at three to four wineries, and if you like we can provide a gourmet picnic lunch; from boxed to cold buffet to hot, plated & paired with wine. Our guides are knowledgeable about wine and the industry here on the Central Coast.  

4. Do we have to include the education?
No. That being said, we generally find people interested in a wine tour are interested in wine. Wine is our passion and we love to share that with our guests. Our education is seriously fun; after all it ain’t rocket science. Most is done on a beginner to intermediate level and presented in a fun, relaxing, user friendly format. On our private charters, we let the group set the stage and the pace; after all it is your tour.

5. What is the Hearst Castle Tour like?
Our castle tours are primarily used by our larger groups who are in need of group transportation, tickets procurement and administrative assistance. These tours are escorted and narrated by our friendly, knowledgeable guides.  

6. What is your Combination Tour?
This tour is again for our larger groups have at least 7-8 hours to kill and just can't decide what to do. We tour the castle in the morning and follow it up with a mini wine tasting tour in the afternoon served up with a delicious winery picnic lunch. 

7. What if we just need transportation?
Breakaway Tours & Event Planning is equipped to provide all Ground Transportation needs. Not to worry just let us know the details and we'll quote you a price.  

8. Do you do tours for only two people?
Absolutely! Your best value is to join one of our Blended Group Wine Tours but if you require full control, we got you covered with a Private Charter

9. Can I join in with an existing group?
Oh you betcha; check out our Blended Group Wine Tours.

10. How much are the tours?
That depends on your choices. Blended Group Wine Tours are priced right on line. Our Private Charters are bid on what you request.

11. How long do the tours last?
Average wine tours can last three to six hours. Duration is determined by from where we depart and which region we are visiting, how many wineries we visit and if you're having lunch. Hearst Castle Tours can range from five to eight hours.

12. Where do your tours depart from?
Our Blended Group Wine Tours depart from all major hotels. Private charters provide door to door service.

13. How early in advance should we book?
We book on a first come first serve basis. Weekends sell out first. Best bet is; if you have a date and want to go, book your tour.

14. What kind of vehicle will we be in?
We fit the vehicle(s) to the size, needs and budget of the individual client. Because our focus is on education our guided tours are not offered in limousines. With the smaller vehicles, the driver is also the guide and limos separate them from the passengers. We run with passenger vans, mini coaches and all the way to full size, luxury tour coaches, with all shapes and sizes in between.

15. Can we pay cash that day?
Blended Group Wine Tours are payable at time of booking. Your Driver/Guide gratuity is payable in cash that day. Private Charters require a deposit to confirm and are due in full two weeks prior to tour or event date. This gratuity can be paid in cash or added into the contract.

16. Do I have to be in your area to do a wine tour?
Nonsense. We have led many a group departing from the Southland heading north to Santa Barbara County and from the San Joaquin Valley west into the Paso Robles region. Once in the region you will be joined by one of our local guides who will escort you through your day, these tours generally require ten to eleven hours. This service is typically cost effective for groups of twenty or more.

17. Are tasting fees included?
Tasting fees are not included and range widely from No Charge to $5-10pp. Some are reduced or waived for groups with Breakaway Tours; others are refunded with purchase or club membership. Being that we don't run on a fixed route with either our Private Charters or Blended Group Wine Tours fees will vary depending on where we go. With smaller charters or Blended Groups; you pay as you go. Larger charters; once your itinerary is planned we can incorporate any/all fees into the contract and your driver/guide will write one check for the group at each winery. This saves valuable time and allows you to concentrate on more important things, like what is Viognier?

18. Which wineries do you visit?
With over three hundred wineries total, not only would it be unfair to you but oh so boring for us, to always taste at the same wineries. Our Blended Group Wine Tours have multiple diverse itineraries. Our Private Charters are in your full control; subject to the wineries availability of course.

19. How many wineries do you visit?
We recommend three to four. Our thinking is "Two does not a tour make and five is just too darn many". After the third or fourth, palette fatigue sets in and the wine starts to taste the same.

20. Can we pick the wineries?
On our Private Charters; by all means, if you know where you want or don't want to go, let us know. We'll work them into the itinerary with the best logistical order. We are subject to availability with the individual wineries. Appointments will be made on your behalf with private tastings if applicable and available.

21. What if we don't know where to go?
That's where living on the Central Coast since the early 60's pays off and happens to be our specialty. We've been serving these regions since 1995 and know them well, you will benefit directly from our knowledge and expertise.

22. What are the best wineries?
Now that's all a matter of opinion or should we say palette. What one prefers perhaps the other doesn't. It's what makes the world go round baby, not to mention keep the prices in check. We will help you discern your palette, perhaps even expand it. So many wineries… so little time!