Beyond Wine 101

Education Makes all the Difference ... and is where our wine tours stand out.girls at a wine van doing tank tasting

If you're new to wine tasting our goal is to dispel the myths, mystery and intimidation that can follow. If you've been at it awhile and are thirsty for more, we've got you covered.

Our guides are the best in the business; no wine snobs here; a few sommeliers, quite a number of wine educators and the rest are just looking to support their habit; can you blame them?

Discussions can include; differences between the wine regions here on the Central Coast, the wine making process, the five S's of wine tasting, how to read a wine label, pairing, storing, serving; you name it. We'll help you discern and expand your palete; we'll even throw in some trivia. Choose a subject of interest on the right and it drink up!