Blending Trials

Wine Blending Trails, once thought only available to royalty,

winemakers, owners... and at times friends of all of the above, all gathered around the kitchen table to create the perfect blend. Now available through us to the most humble and curious.

Best case scenario, barrel samples are available for the tinkering. When not, mature, already bottled wine is used, but not being of royal blood, you probably won't notice the difference.

The variety can be the same, such as Pinot Noir, where we'll pull samples from perhaps different AVA's, vineyards, individual blocks or varied clones. Each bringing it's own unique character and personality to the table.

Perhaps you blend your own cuvee, apologies for the redundancy, where you create your own Bordeaux blend; Cabernet, Merlot, Cabernet Franc or dare we say... Zinfandel. Perhaps a Rhone blend is more to your liking with Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre (GSM) with perhaps a splash of... Viognier, yes a white wine! The possibilities are endless and you'll start to see the genius and artistry in what the winemakers do every vintage.

Blending Trials are a great fun filled, not to mention tasty, team building exercise. Your group is divided into teams, each team then gets to work on creating their own unique and authentic blend, sometimes even two or three. 

Each team submits their favorite blend, you can even name it. They are then judged blindly by the wine maker or sommelier. Portrayals of each blend are given, worthy to what you might read in Spectator or Enthusiast. A winner is chosen along with second and third place. Awards can be given, be it serious or not. Truly a unique experience and one no longer available to just royalty!