Blind Tasting

A picture is worth a 1000 words... No, this is not a blind wine tasting!

A blind tasting is one of the most telling tasting a person can do. Your opinion is not lead by the brand, by the label or perhaps most importantly by the price.

Typically done in flights of five or six wines, all the same grape variety, preferably the same vintage and most likey from the same wine region.

You start with the color, you move onto the nose, you indulge the palette and savor the remains. Contemplating every subtle nuance along the way... Hold on a minute, let's not get carried away here, after all it is just wine.

The really cool thing about a blind tasting is that the wine matures or evolves in the glass over minutes, just as it does in the bottle over years. By the end of the tasting, what often started out as your favorite, is now not that interesting and your least favorite has grown on you and feels as comfortable as your favorite pair of shoes. If you've never experienced a blind tasting, you're in for a treat and from that point on; you'll always look at wine in a different light.

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