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Vineyard Walk and Wine Education with Breakaway ToursWonder what goes on in the vineyard or what exactly is terroir?

When it comes to Great Wine, it's all about terroir and it all starts in the vineyard before winery production and ends up "liquid love" (TJ we luv you) in our glass!


Whatever your curiosity, it doesn't have to kill your buzz, maybe you're just curious about the rose bushes planted at the end of the vineyard rows. If you want to know what makes a wine great, if you want to understand what makes that wine sing, it all starts "in the dirt". Topics can include but not limited to:

Soil Samples from the Vineyards in Adelaida

  • Terroir

  • Clones

  • Grafting

  • Pruning

  • Root stock

  • Bud wood

  • Bio-dynamic farming

  • Sustainable farming 

  • and more~

Those who have always dreamed of the glamorous life of working in the wine industry are often humbled by just how hard it is, it's farming. Your awareness of the effort, passion & dedication for exactly what it takes to make a great wine will explode. Who knows; maybe you'll be hooked for life. There are worse things...

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