Sta. Rita Hills

Sta. Rita Hills Wine Growers AllianceSta. Rita Hills is one of Santa Barbara's Wine Regions' newest AVA

The home and inspiration of “Sideways” the Sta. Rita Hills is a relatively small appellation of approximately 100 square miles, located on the far western end of the long corridor, the marine influence is directly off the ocean providing an extremely cool climate,

The wines emerging from this area are highly stylized and structured. Some of Santa Barbara County's youngest winemakers, as well as several of the area's wine making pioneers, grow and produce wine just miles from one another, making for wines of great daring and elegance.

Sta. Rita Hills Wine Country in Santa Barbara

Inspired by the incredible potential offered within this wine region, a diverse group of talented growers and winemakers are producing some of California’s most exciting Pinot Noirs, Chardonnays and other varieties, such as my personal favorite, cool climate Syrah. As with any new region, the winegrowers and winemakers have developed a camaraderie stemming from their love of this region and the excitement of the achievements made thus far.

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